Make Your Own Reusable Plant Markers!

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Make Your Own Plant Markers! - A Tried & True ProjectIt’s starting to warm up over here and instantly my thoughts turn to getting my hands in the dirt! Since our frost period lasts for another week or so, I’m playing it safe and not actually planting anything outside yet but that doesn’t mean I can’t prep my garden in other ways, right? Here’s a quick tutorial that I originally posted on Crafts Unleashed on how to make your own plant markers with just a few craft supplies. Bonus points because they’re reusable year after year!

Reusable Chalk Plant Markers

“Reusable Chalk Plant Markers” Free Printable
Black Permanent Marker
White Shrink Plastic
White Chalk Marker or White Permanent Marker

1. Print out the “Reusable Chalk Plant Markers” Free Printable. Place a sheet of the White Shrink Plastic over the printable and begin tracing with your Black Permanent Marker.

Make Your Own Plant Markers! - Supplies2. Color in the upper portion of the tags. Don’t worry too much if there are smudges or irregularities in color. Once you shrink the plant markers in the oven, you won’t even notice!

Make Your Own Plant Markers! - Color In3. Carefully cut around each marker. Cutting inside the traced line on the stake part makes for a cleaner look!

Make Your Own Plant Markers! - Cut out4. Follow the shrinking instructions found on the package of White Shrink Plastic and voila…you have now made some totally adorable, reusable plant markers!

Make Your Own Plant Markers! - Ready to go!5. Fill in the name of your plant with a White Chalk Marker and it will be somewhat water resistant to the small drops when you water but will wipe off completely with a sponge and some elbow grease. You could also use a White Permanent Marker if you tend to have the same plants year after year and don’t need the plant markers to be reusable. Happy gardening!

Make Your Own Plant Markers! - Water Resistant Make Your Own Plant Markers! - Free Printable




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