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"Love You Forever" Free Coloring Print - Grab some markers and chill out a bit while coloring this free printable! Perfect handmade gift for Valentine's Day!There’s nothing like Valentine’s Day to get you in a lovey sappy mood, right? I don’t know why all of my free coloring pages are about love but this one is no exception. Interesting fact: I actually made this one a year ago for a popular blog that decided to pursue other life paths (YHL forever!) and just stumbled upon it again in my sketchbook. Silly me! So here it is for all my lovely readers, I really could love you forever!

"Love You Forever" Free Coloring Print - Colored PencilsGet Creative

Once again, as with all of my coloring pages, you can color or paint however you want! My boys always have colored pencils everywhere so I just grabbed a few and got coloring. I had forgotten how fun they were! I totally got into a zen-like mode while coloring and then was swiftly pulled back to reality by the screams of my boys beating each other up. It was good while it lasted!

Love-You-Forever-Free-Coloring-Page-7{Download “Love You Forever” Free Coloring Page}

"Love You Forever" Free Coloring Print - All Done!Meditative Coloring

Last week, my husband was out of town and as expected, it was a super crazy and stressful week. At one point, when I was ready to lock my kids in separate rooms, we all threw responsibility to the wind and had a coloring picnic on the living room floor during dinner. Sure, my boys went to bed a little bit later that night but at least all of us were in a much happier state. It turns out I’m not the only one who thinks coloring is meditative, check out this article in Huffington Post!

"Love You Forever" Free Coloring Print - Let's color!Get Coloring

Hope you guys enjoy coloring this “Love You Forever” free coloring page whether you have tons of free time or none at all. I’d love to see your artwork if you do decide to color it so tag me on FB or IG if you get the chance!

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