Little Golden Books Shower: Pennant Flags

pennantflags01 Here’s a super quick and easy way to decorate your own Little Golden Books shower or really, any theme at all. I picked up some pretty beat up LGBs from a local thrift store over a few weeks before the shower. Most of them had quite a bit of battle damage (missing pages, crayon marks, dog bites…) so I didn’t feel so bad cutting them up for this project. You can always use scrapbooking paper if you’re uncomfortable with cutting up books or if your theme doesn’t have books associated with it.

Little Golden Book Pennant Flags

– thrifted Little Golden Books (I was kinda picky and only chose classic LGBs)
– x-acto knife
– metal ruler
– bias tape
– sewing machine


pennantflags04sm1. Remove pages from book using an x-acto knife and keeping as close to the spine as possible.

pennantflags05sm2. Fold one page in half and draw lines from each uppermost corner to the bottom center, creating a triangle. This will be your template.

pennantflags06sm3. Copy template onto stack of LGB papers and cut out. You can make your stack as thick as you can possibly cut through with either an knife or with scissors.

pennantflags07sm4. Insert a flag in between the bias tape and begin sewing. Leave about 4 inches and then insert another flag and sew. Continue until you have reached your desired length.



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