Jack’s Yearly Interview

I saw the loveliest of ideas over at Reaves, Party of Four, a yearly interview of 20 Questions for your kids. So cute, right? Jack turned three at the end of last year so it was perfect timing.

We decided to take it one step further and actually record his interview so that we could have the audio of his crazy cute little voice. Jim works at a video/audio production house so it was a real treat for Jack to be able to go to “Papa’s Work” and being able to sit in the recording booth.

I’ve listed to it dozens of times already and hearing how sweet and little he sounds always brings tears to my eyes. I can’t imagine listing to it when he’s graduating from high school…open the floodgates!

Jim actually came up with the idea of adding a QR code so that we could just scan the page to hear Jack’s interview. I added a picture from each month of the previous year so that I can remember how sweet he was when he’s a sweaty teenager! 😀

If you’re thinking of doing an annual interview, I highly suggest recording it and adding a QR code to your page layout. It’s pretty simple.

You’ll just have to record your interview (using your computer or phone if you don’t have access to a Jim), upload the audio file to the internet and use a free online QR code generator (I liked QR Stuff) to make the code image that points to the file. Once you save the image to your computer, you can add it to any layout you want and then anyone with a smart phone and a QR app can listen. Then, 10 years from now, we can be sappy sobbing mothers together!

Here’s Jack’s interview if your curious. I think it’s crazy cute but I’m a bit partial. :)

Jack’s 3 Year Audio Interview


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  1. I LOVE that! I switch between interviews and letters to the kids and still remember the day when my three year old Dominic told me he wanted to be a motorcycle when he grew up! Jack is such an adorable young man, amiga…great job!

  2. This is so Rad. I think we’re going to have to make our own with our two and a half year-old. I don’t want to forget how awesome he is at this age and the twenty questions are perfect. Thank you!

    • I’m glad you liked it! I can just imagine playing the audio when Jack is a snotty teenager. Will probably keep me from killing him! 😀

  3. So adorable! I have a 3 month old so it’s a little early yet! I hope I remember to do this when he can talk. Thanks for the idea!

    It would also be super cute to add a QR code to a Christmas letter! Have your little one thing a Christmas song to all your friends! :)

  4. My parents did a cassette tape recording of me when I was 2-3 years old and I love listening to it! I can’t wait to do this with my kids!
    Just wondering if you had a template you could share for making the cute poster for those of us lacking in photoshop skills.

    Thanks for posting this!

    • Hmm, do you mean making a Photoshop template that you could just add your own pictures to? Or something else?

      • Yeah I guess something I could easily add my own photos to. I have Photoshop, I just don’t know how to use it.


  5. Got linked to your site from Pinterest – this is SO CUTE! I couldn’t stop smiling while I listened to your son’s interview. :-) I can’t wait to do this with my little guy – he’ll only be 1 this year, but we have lots of fun times to look forward to!

  6. I love how you kept this all on one page and adding the QR code is genius! I just recently started doing that in my children’s scrapbooks for sharing videos that would typically be forgotten. Such a fun addition!

    Just wanted to thank you for linking back to my blog. Your son is adorable! :)

    • No, thank YOU for the fabulous idea. You will be responsible for years of weeping! 😉

  7. So unbelievably cute! Just love how you’ve taken an already great idea and turned it into an even better one! Thank you!

  8. LOVE this idea! And love the idea of putting a QR code on the Christmas card-so awesome!
    What size are the pics you put on the post for his monthly snapshots? I’d love to copy this idea on a yearly basis for each of my three boys. (:

  9. Can you tell me what you did or used to upload the file to the internet? Love this idea, but stuck at where to upload.


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