I Like Richard Scarry

My stupid computer is still down so I have to update via my phone. As you can imagine, it’s quite limiting and kinda annoying but I’m up to the challenge!

Since there’s only so much I can do, I thought I’d share one of my favorite children’s books, I am a Bunny. The story is super simple (perfect for new little minds) but the illustrations are amazing. I just love Nicholas!

I figured there might be a few of you who are also crazy about vintage children’s literature so I hope you enjoy these images.

I promise to be back soon with all sorts of fun and crazy crafts!













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  1. This post made me smile! I am a Bunny was the very first book I read without any help. I remember going outside on a spring day and sitting under a tree in my backyard and reading it by myself! I was so excited that I read it over and over again before running to tell everyone what I just did!

    Thanks for posting this bit of nostalgia to brighten my day!!

  2. We are such Richard Scarry fanatics around here. I wrestle old ladies at the used book store anytime there’s a new one there. It’s the truth. ūüėČ

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