Happy Holiday Gift Wreath

Use those inexpensive miniature gift decorations to create this Happy Holiday Gift Wreath! I have some super exciting news to share…Consumer Crafts used my little ol’ Happy Holiday Gift Wreath for the cover of their Holiday Catalog!!! Eee, “excited” doesn’t properly express how I feel about seeing my project on the cover. “Ecstatic” or “thrilled” would be more appropriate (“peeing in my pants with excitement” is probably the most accurate!) To celebrate, I thought I would share the tutorial with you guys. Hope you enjoy!

I received product and compensation for the original post. All ideas and opinions are my own!

Happy Holiday Gift Wreath


Step One. Remove all the little strings attached to the mini gifts that are meant for hanging as ornaments. This part is easy enough to do with your kids. If you’re having an “awesome mommy moment,” you can even work in a lesson on colors and shape sorting!

Happy Holiday Gift Wreath - RemoveStep Two. Beginning with the largest gift boxes, arrange them evenly around the wire frame until you’re happy with the layout.

Happy Holiday Gift Wreath - GlueStep Three. I’m going to be honest and let you know that the gluing process is not the prettiest! You’ve really got to use a ton of glue to attach the gifts to the wire since they only touch on a few spots. Don’t worry if the gifts initially feel loose, you can always glue the gifts together once the wreath is more filled out.

Happy Holiday Gift Wreath - Add moreStep Four. Continue adding all the different sizes of mini gift boxes until a wreath form is created. Just remember that you’re working with squares here so it’s not going to be a perfect circle. When adding the smaller pieces, take a few steps back and look at the wreath from a distance to see what spots need to be filled in.

Happy Holiday Gift Wreath - FilledStep Five. Make a large bow to fit on the top of the wreath. This can either be done by hand or with the super quick Bowdabra bow maker! Optional: Write out a gift tag and add to the front.

Happy Holiday Gift Wreath - BowdabraReady to greet!

If you’re going to be hanging the Happy Holiday Gift Wreath on a hook, you can always add a bit of string to the back or just use the wire frame to latch onto. I love how bright and colorful the wreath looks on a front door or over a fireplace!

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