Halloween Treat Boxes

Print out these free Halloween Treat Boxes from Tried & True this year! Four different designs with tons of different uses!I love spooky Halloween decorations and crafts (ex: Skeleton Bone Wreath, Spooky Cherubs) but after having kids, I have a new found appreciation for the cute aspect of Halloween as well! I designed these sweet little Halloween Treat Boxes with them in mind and thought some of you might be able to put them to good use as well. By the way, these don’t have to be used just for boxes. You can use them as juice box or candy bag covers as well. I’m sure one of you could even figure out how to use them as covers for a string of lights! The options are endless!

Halloween Treat Boxes - 4 different designs!I created this tutorial as a member of Lifestyle Studios. Feel free to use my super secret code “TRIEDTRUE” for 20% off any purchase at the We R Memory Keepers/Lifestyle store! This post may contain affiliate links for your convenience and to assist in the maintenance of this site.

Halloween Treat Boxes



Step 1. Print and cut the “Halloween Treat Boxes – Sleeves” Free Printable. Depending on what you’re going to use this for, you can either score/fold the lines by hand or use the Lifestyle Crafts Evolution Die Cutting Tool with the Matchbox Dies. In the picture below, the die is faced downward just so that I can center my image. After I taped it in place (make sure to use a low tack tape!), I flipped it the right way and ran it through my machine.

Halloween Treat Boxes - CutStep 2. After cutting, you just leave the die in place and follow the score lines. Suuuuuper easy!

Halloween Treat Boxes - ScoreStep 3. I used Sticky Thumb Adhesive Runner to quickly add tape to the backside of my sleeve and folded in place. Done and done! If you’re making matchboxes, just repeat the above steps with a coordinating color of paper using the second part of the Matchbox Dies set.

Halloween Treat Boxes - TapeStep 4. Feel free to make as little or as many as you need and please tag me on IG if you use them. I love seeing T&T projects in action!

Halloween Treat Boxes - Ready to fill!
How super cute are these little guys?

They’d be a great addition to lunch box and perfect party favors! The finished dimensions are 3.25″x2.25″ so they’re big enough for small toys but large enough to fit a sizable snack. The hardest part will be decided which of the faces to use!

Halloween Treat Boxes - Mini CookiesAs I mentioned above, don’t worry if you don’t have the supplies to make the matchboxes. You could also just use the sleeves. They’re the perfect size for those small fruit juice boxes or small bags filled with candy!

Halloween Treat Boxes - Other UsesI hope you guys enjoy the Halloween Treat Boxes and have a perfectly spooky Halloween (in the cutest way possible, of course!) Please remember to be kind and refrain from using these for commercial purposes. I’d hate to have to sic Frankenstein on you!

Halloween Treat Boxes - Super cute!Halloween Treat Boxes - Tons of uses!





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