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Do you have a craft project you’re dying to share with the world? Or what about a wonderful recipe or quick cleaning tip? We’re about to welcome the arrival of our second child (Hi Max!) and it’ll be a while before I’ll have a whole lot of time to devote to crafting. I would hate to see the T&T blog stagnate so I’m asking for some help. Please? With a cherry on top?

I have some tutorial posts that I will be writing and saving for future use (No. 57 and No. 126 on my list of things to do before Max arrives!) but I thought it would be fun to have some new and exciting posts from other bloggers as well.

It really could be about pretty much anything crafty. Like, let’s say, a knit toy or ribbon hair clips, how to make a quick sling or felted wool balls. Not calling anyone out or anything. (Ahem. Eliza, Monica, Pati and Adri) This could be really fun, even if you’ve never blogged or written a tutorial in your life. I’m sure you all have some great ideas!

So…feel free to drop me a line (just click on the little envelope in the “keep in touch” section on the right sidebar) if you’d like to be a guest poster during my maternity leave. All you would have to do is write up a quick tutorial and have a picture of the project. If you’re local, I could even help you with the picture taking. As long as you bring me lunch. Just kidding…sort of.


About Vanessa Brady

Vanessa Brady is a craft blogger, mother of two boys, and a hot sauce junkie. She's been running Tried & True for over 7 years and her tutorials have been featured in numerous craft books and publications.


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