Guest Post: Wee Little Hair Clips

This week’s Guest Post is from a wonderful friend and mother extraordinaire, Monica! She was kind enough to share her hair pin tutorial, the perfect  accessory for the 4th of July. Hope you enjoy!

Wee Little Hair Pin

Hair Clips
Ribbons – different widths


1) Decide which ribbon will be the base of the barrette. In some cases, this can be the same ribbon used for the bow. Since the ribbon for this bow is thin and delicate, we used a plain red for the base.

2) Starting at the bottom of barrette near the hinge, wrap the ribbon over the hinge and along the front, top and under the top part of barrette. Go ahead and snip the ribbon now. Once the barrette is closed it will hold the ribbon so you can start to glue.

3) Since the closed barrette is holding ribbon in place, start at the same spot from previous step. Squeeze a small drop of Superglue on hair clip and smooth it down with toothpick. Your finger will work as well but in order to avoid being glued to your project, a toothpick is a safe option. Continue securing the remaining ribbon to the barrette smoothing as you go along. (Keep barrette propped open with a toothpick so it doesn’t get glued shut.)

4) Gather ribbon in shape of desired bow- an extra clip can be used to hold in place. Tie smaller ribbon around the center and secure with a couple of knots.

5) By now, the base should be dry and ready for the bow to be glued on. Squeeze a few drops of glue along the top of barrette and secure bow in center. Use toothpick to smooth down the ribbon and also to make sure top loop of bow doesn’t get glued down.

6) Snip excess ribbon and enjoy!!


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