Garden Forks


We built our garden beds last month and the dogs must have gotten confused because they heard “beds” and instantly started sleeping in them. Not such a big deal if it’s just dirt (which it was for quite a while). Pretty big deal if they are trampling all over our new vegetable plants.

I really didn’t want to put a fence around the beds and it was virtually impossible to catch the dogs in action. (Or I should say, “inaction.”) I had no idea how I was going to protect my sweet little plants…until I came upon a picture in my Flickr stream!

Absolutely brilliant and it just so happens, I had a jumbo pack for forks in my pantry. I felt kinda bad at first for using clear forks but Zefram and Clover haven’t even tried to step foot in the beds for a week.

I think there just might be hope for my veggie garden yet!

PS: has anyone grown pineapple sage before? Absolutely amazing plant! It smells so delicious and pineapple-y that I keep on pinching it every time I pass. I have it a medium sized pot right now but I think I’m going to transplant it to the front where it’ll hopefully attract some hummingbirds. Mmm, pinapple sage tea! More recipes here.


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  1. That’s awesome and inventive! We got some seedling plants from the big box store last weekend and planted ’em in our garden too. Dog doesn’t seem interested (yet?)… we’ll see how curious she gets!

    Also, your quip about “inaction” made me remember the Daily Show “textbook” – Democracy Inaction. Hahahahaha!

  2. I love this idea! Too bad it wont deter the deer that like to eat my garden!!!
    I am competing in the SYTYC with you. I loved your cushion!

  3. Very cool idea! Here’s one for you: To keep birds from pulling up your garden seedlings, draw large circles with a magic marker or sharpie onto the bowl of plastic spoons and stick them into the ground around the baby plants. Birds are wary, and these will look like eyes to them. Simple, but it works!

  4. I love that your dogs just lay in your garden. My black and white boston saw me harvesting my veggies last year and decided to help ever since. my hubby put up a fence and she whines to come in and “help”. My brown and white boston is a scaredy cat and stays away from the garden.

    • I’ve been begging my husband to put up a fence! Our new Golden, Bob Barker, does more than just lay in the garden. Grr.

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