Free Play-Doh Activity Sheets

You know those days when it feels like you’ve exhausted every activity that usually entertains your kid and it’s not even 10 am yet? Today was one of those days so I had to call in for some reinforcements via Pinterest. Lucky for me and Jack, Planet of the Apels answered the call to duty with downloadable Play-Doh activity sheets! As she mentions on her post, this is perfect for a busy bag swap. For more swap ideas, check out the Toddler Activity Bag Swap we had in 2010.

You can print off 20 of these pages which are sure to keep your child occupied for at least a few minutes at a time on each. (This added up to about 30-40 minutes! Can I get a “halleluiah?”) Look at that concentration on Jack, any parent of a three year old knows how precious those moments are. They’re usually too busy running up the roof to focus much on anything. (As well they should! They’ve got years of schooling to focus on, we’re all about as much play as possible over here.)

Play-Doh Activity Sheets from Planet of the ApelsSome of the activities include making carrots for a rabbit to eat, adding facial features, giving a crocodile teeth and number play. I needed these pages ASAP so I obviously didn’t have time to laminate them. Luckily, I found a sheet of plastic in our laundry room that I was suppose to put away in the garage months ago. (Yay for procrastination!)

You obviously don’t have to do this activity on a light table either. I had originally planned on having Jack work with letters in colored sand on the table but had to scrap that idea when I realized I didn’t have any colored sand. (Boo for procrastination!)

This smile brought to you courtesy of Planet of the Apels! My child and my sanity thank you. ūüėÄ




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