Forward Facing Kids Bookshelves

Forward Facing Bookshelves - A Tried & True Project I know there are a million and one tutorials for Forward Facing Bookshelves but I’ve been sitting on this tutorial for a year now and it seems like such a waste not to add it to the blog so here goes! Also, I should probably add the disclaimer that while the idea to put bookshelves in the wasted space behind the door was mine, my husband actually was the one who designed and fabricated them. A word of caution, though. These are more than sturdy enough for even large books but like most floating shelves, will pull right out if your monkey child decides to climb them. Just letting you know.

One more thing, in an effort to seem more realistic, I added a huge, heaping pile of dust and dirt in the corner just before I took the picture above. What? Who, me? I would never have dirty baseboards! ;)

Forward Facing Bookshelves

– aluminum track
– baseboard (one with grooves so that the books will catch)
– screws
– saw
– drill
– tacks
– hammer


01_cut aluminum track and baseboard moulding to desired length 1. Cut aluminum track and baseboard to desired length.

02_locate studs or insert wall anchors 2. Locate studs or insert wall anchors.

03_mark aluminum track for stud or anchor locations and pre-drill holes 3. Mark aluminum track for screws or wall anchors and pre-drill holes.

04_mount track to wall 4. Mount track to wall.

05_align moulding and mark screw head locations for notches 5. Align moulding and mark screw head locations for notches.

06_cut notches in moulding 06b_alt view of notches 6. Cut notches in moulding.

07_insert notched baseboard moulding into aluminum track 7. Insert notched baseboard moulding into aluminum track.

08_dirll pilot holes for tacks 8. Drill pilot holes for tacks.

09_insert tacks to secure moulding 9. Insert tacks to secure moulding.

10b 10_you're done 10. Repeat all processes until desired number of shelves is achieved, fill with wonderful books that your child can reach all by himself!

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  1. says

    This is brilliant. Love that it’s hidden behind the door too! I’m a huge fan of books, but not so crazy about visual clutter, so this is the best of both worlds for me!

    • bumblev says

      I’m a bit of a freak about buying books for Jack too! He’s got books all around the house but this is where we keep rotating the most popular.

  2. Emily says

    Great idea – thanks for sharing. I’ll have to go investigate what aluminum tracks are available at our local hardware store. My child is 10, but usually has a handful of books going at any given time, this would be a great way to store the “current” books without the big stacks all over the place or the frantic looking for the one currently being read :)

  3. Loren Warren says

    This is such a great idea! Thank you for the awesome step by step directions! I can’t wait to do this in my granddaughters room!

  4. kristen says

    i am having a tough time finding these aluminum track, where did you find them? would lowes or home depot have them if so what department… i see the shelfs are made out of some kind of hard wood floor. I just love it, such a great idea!!!!!!! x1,000 !!! LOL thank you for sharing

    • James says

      I am having the same trouble with finding these aluminum tracks. HomeDepot near me did not have them. I was shocked. I hope to find them soon, since my sons book collection is stacking higher and higher. We love building towers, but these shelves look so clean. Thanks!


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