Easy Recycled Bird Feeder

The weather is warming and soon there’ll be signs of Spring everywhere! Why not welcome the season with this crazy easy recycled bird feeder? You only need a thrifted tea cup set, beads, wire, and some special glue to make this pretty addition to your yard. Comes together super quickly too! After the glue dries, assembling the feeder takes less than 15 minutes. Our feathered friends will be so happy!

Make this super easy Recycled Bird Feeder in less than 15 minutes! Perfect for Spring!I’m taking part in the Recycling edition of Craft Lightning today so make sure to visit our lovely hosts Creative Green Living, Country Chic Cottage, and 30 Minute Crafts for more great environmentally-friendly 15 minute projects!

Easy Recycled Bird Feeder - PrettyThis post originally appearing on Crafts Unleashed and may contain affiliate links.

Easy Recycled Bird Feeder


Step One. Go find some pretty thrifted tea cups and saucers at your local thrift store. Double handled cups will make this project much easier! If you can’t find any with two, a single handled cup turned on it’s side will also work. Attach the pieces together with a liberal amount of the glass glue. You’ll probably be hanging these high in a tree so don’t be stingy with that glue! Allow glue to dry completely before moving onto next step.

Easy Recycled Bird Feeder - GlueStep Two. String beads onto 12″ piece of wire in a pleasing pattern (don’t worry about the wire being too long, you can trim it later.) I love the Boho Bead Strand because it comes with unique and colorful beads that coordinate perfectly. Makes this 15 minute project even easier!

Easy Recycled Bird Feeder - StringStep Three. Secure the beads in place by creating coils at the end of the wire with a pencil. Making sure to leave enough wire to attach to cup handles, trim off any excess wire.

Easy Recycled Bird Feeder - CoilStep Four. Wrap wire ends around handle and secure tightly with pliers.

Easy Recycled Bird Feeder - AttachStep Five. If you glued your tea cup upright, you can fill it with water and have the birdseed on the saucer part. If not, go ahead and just fill with bird seed. Your feathered friends won’t complain, I promise!

Easy Recycled Bird Feeder - FillAnd that’s it! All that’s left to do is hang in place on a branch and wait for our beautiful feathered friends to help themselves!

Easy Recycled Bird Feeder - Hang

Thanks again to Creative Green Living, Country Chic Cottage, and 30 Minute Crafts for hosting Craft Lightning! They’re going to be sharing tons of great recycling projects that can be done in 15 minutes all week long so make sure to click over to visit.



  1. Your cup/saucer are so pretty, the birds wlll think they’re at a banquet in more ways than one. I’d love to find such pretty glassware to use for birds. What a wonderful idea and as you said keeps more items out of landfills. What a shame for somebody to put something so pretty in a landfill. It amazes me what people throw away. Maybe in a post you could show where you have it hanging and birds eating from it.
    Happy weekend. Hope you have Spring weather where you are.


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