Easiest Bird Feeder Ever

I should have named this post “How To Piss Off a Toddler” because as you can see in these pictures, that’s exactly what I did this afternoon when I tried to persuade Jack to make a bird feeder for his window. The nerve of his mother to try some enrichment activity! 😀

Tomorrow we’ll go a different route and try something like filing taxes or picking up dog poop. Very enriching, huh? Maybe I’ll finally get my smile, Mr. Poopy Pants!

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  1. Yes, you most definitely get the award for trying to make your toddler mad. Mine would only go for it if he got to eat half the cheerios and the puppy would be endlessly angry jumping outside the window trying to get it down.
    Creativity Award to you though for getting a final project. Ps avoid the doggy poo pickup…just take my word for it.

  2. So cute and easy! I had to de-dog-poop our backyard the other day – scientists need to invest some thought into turning dog poop into an alternative fuel source.

  3. Yup, this might indeed be the easiest DIY bird feeder ever. We are planning to feed the birds this week as part of our 100 acts of kindness project, but I was thinking I’d have to go out and buy some birdseed. Thanks for a great alternative! We’ll make these tomorrow! (I’ll link back to you). I’m having a great time pinning lots of super ideas from your blog. I love what you do!

  4. Crummy that you were hacked, but glad you got it sorted out! Do you have a facebook page for your blog? I just love all your ideas! Looking forward to poking around here! :)

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