Decorating Easter Eggs with Flocking Powders

Decorating Easter Eggs with Flocking - A Tried & True ProjectHave you guys ever worked with flocking powders before? They are so much fun and perfect for decorating Easter eggs with! In case you don’t know (because I had no idea what they were either!), flocking is a soft, velvet-y powder that you can use to accent your crafts with. If you can remember those old Christmas cards that use to have a portion that was raised and really soft (usually Santa’s suit or beard), that’s flocking!

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Decorating Easter Eggs with Flocking - PowdersI got a set of Martha Stewart’s Glitter Flocking Powers a couple years ago and after a colossal failure, I kinda packed them away (figuratively and literally.) After cleaning up for my Teeny Tiny Craft Room Tour, I rediscovered these beautiful colors and decided to try them out again! So glad I did because now we can all learn from my mistake: Flocking powders work best on a super small scale. Using them for accent scrapbook pieces or for decorating Easter eggs is perfect. Anything bigger and you’ll have a tough time making the surface look consistent. Or at least I did!

Ok, now that we’re done with that…onto the tutorial!

Flocked Easter Eggs



1. The process to decorating Easter eggs with flocking powder is pretty straight forward. Just apply either the Glue Dots or Double Sided Tape in an appealing pattern on the egg, press the powder into the adhesive, and then brush away the excess with a paintbrush. Use the pictures below for some basic shape ideas or make up your own, the possibilities are endless!

Decorating Easter Eggs with Flocking - ProcessDecorating Easter Eggs with Flocking - Pink DotsDecorating Easter Eggs with Flocking - Blue StripesDecorating Easter Eggs with Flocking - Yellow TrianglesDecorating Easter Eggs with Flocking - Purple HeartDecorating Easter Eggs with Flocking - Green ZigSo easy, right?! The most time consuming one was probably the triangles because I had to cut squares out of the 1/2″ double sided tape and then cut them in half to make triangles but I love how it turned out. It’s probably my favorite one!

Decorating Easter Eggs with Flocking - Beautiful eggs!I’d love to see some of the different patterns or color combinations you come up with. You could even go super hard core and have your Silhouette Cameo cut out a pattern from double-sided adhesive paper. How amazing would that be? Either way, I hope you have fun decorating Easter eggs with flocking powders!



  1. These are so pretty! I’ve never heard of flocking powder before, but I think I’ll be checking them out soon! ūüôā


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