Tutorial: Waste-Free Snacking, The Green Phone Booth

Jim is a huge fan of snacking. Me? Not so much. I’m pretty good with about 5 small meals a day but Jim eats that plus snacks before and after each meal. His absolute favorite has always been crackers and cheese but since we’re cutting back on our cheese consumption (remember?) we’ve been making a ton of nut spreads. More nut spreads = crazy amounts of crackers being consumed in our house.

We usually buy Multi Grain Bretons which aren’t too bad. (Oh crap. I take that back. I just looked at the nutritional information…not good.) They’re pretty tasty but the crackers from The Green Phone Booth? Even better! I didn’t have any rosemary so I added a few sprinkles of Italian Herb Seasoning. The nutritional yeast adds a nice “cheesey” flavor, I think,  but we’re huge fans of NY around here.

I would suggest just cutting them in squares like the recipe suggests.  Although pretty, the leaf cutout I used took forever and weren’t even really appreciated enough before Jim popped them in his mouth. They made for nice pictures though.

As for taste, I thought they were good right out of the oven but the true test would be if Jim liked them. Considering he came home and ate every last one of them with vegan cream cheese and sun dried tomatoes, I think he approved of the cracker experiement. Who knew crackers were ridiculously easy to make?!


  1. says

    Neat! I’ll have to try these. I still don’t understand cutting back on cheese. It’s my main food group. Not dairy. Just cheese.

    Do you actually make 5 meals a day? I eat breakfast, lunch and dinner (lunch is usually dinner leftovers) and have at least a couple of snacks in between…what do you eat all day? :)

  2. bumblev says

    I usually do really small meals. Half a sandwich for lunch and then the rest a few hours later. I’ve never really been a three course meal kind of person but lately I do smaller meals mostly because Jackson doesn’t give me a lot of time to eat!

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