Cracker Jack Birthday Party


Well, we survived our first birthday party for Jackson. Just barely, though (check out my personal blog, Indie Shopper, for a full lowdown on the craziness of that day!) We went with the semi-theme of Cracker Jack and kept the decorations somewhat low key. Seriously, we had just finished putting away all the Christmas decorations and since he’s only one, we figured a few hanging flags here and there would do just fine. I tried to find the site that I got the idea for the rectangular pennant flags from but I can’t find it anywhere! Any one remember the website? I think she used mostly yellow fabric for an outdoor wedding? Sound familiar? I also tried to recreate the look of baker’s twine with yarn, like I saw on Between The Lines. Did not go so well, it kept unraveling but the flags held it in place fairly well so it ended up working after all.


Of course, I also waiting until the last possible minute to whip up his birthday t-shirt. It was fairly easy since we had already cleaned up the image of Cracker Jack and his dog for the invitations. A little altering in Photoshop, printing on iron transfer paper and tada, we’ve got a cute first birthday tshirt. Of course, it won’t last past the first couple of washes but the photos from his party sure looked cute!

crackerjack_favorsfront2 crackerjack_favors2

For the favors, I made homemade Cracker Jack to pass out to the adults. There were mostly babies in attendence and I couldn’t think of a small toy to include as the secret prize that wouldn’t be a choking hazard, so instead I printed up small magnetic photo frames for people to use on their fridges. The recipe from Savory Sweet Life worked really well. The only thing I messed up on is that I completely burned the first two batches and the results were totally inedible.  I really need to get an oven thermometer. Also, don’t forget to put the secret prizes in the bags before you seal them up. Taping them to the back of each bag just doesn’t have the same feeling as if they were inside!

Well, there you have it. Between losing power for most of the day and having to run out for more ingredients after burning all my Cracker Jack, the day was absolutely crazy and I don’t know what we would have done without my mom and sister helping out! The party itself went well and we were overjoyed to celebrate a year of Jackson with all the people we know and love.

Now, what should next year’s party be themed? ;D

Update: Here are all the free printables!


    • Abigail says

      Hi There! LOVE the cracker jack bags!! I am having a country wedding at the end of the month and would love to do these as a favor. How did you create the label?


      • bumblev says

        What a fun wedding favor Homemade Cracker Jack would be! I’ll post the labels for you to print out!

  1. Karen says

    Hi there! I just found your blog and was wondering if you still had any of the printables used for the birthday party. I am planning a Cracker Jack party for my son Jack and would love the tshirt printable, invitations and envelopes if are willing to share them. You did a great job on the party decorations. Thanks in advance.


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