Closet Gift Wrap Organizer

I knew, three years ago on the day we moved, that storing all our gift wrapping supplies in the separate garage was going to come back to bite me. I know that the garage is only a few seconds away from the house but who seriously wants to go outside in triple digit heat or the cold? I’ve seen a good amount of gift wrap stations online but they weren’t a good fit  because 1) not enough free wall space  and 2) not enough free funds. So, like anyone who knows me probably figured, time for a trip to our local thrift store!

Closet Gift Wrap Organizer

– thrifted wire baskets
– spray paint (optional)
– nails/hammer
– various sticky hooks


1. I stood in the aisle for 30 minutes just looking at all the wire organizers before I picked out what I thought would work for a gift wrap station. You obviously won’t have the exact same wire baskets at your thrift store but that’s the fun, you get to improvise! Depending on your needs, you’re going to want a basket to store random things like tape, organizer for scissors and pens, a card holder, a ribbon dispenser, gift bag holder and someplace to hang tissue. We use gift bags maybe 80% of the time so I only needed two curtain rods for brown and white wrapping paper. You could always add more if you need to.

2. Spray paint everything. Of course, this step is optional. The baskets will work with our without a fresh coat of paint but they sure do look prettier!

3. Find a door that will work for your organizer. I used my ridiculously tidy linen closet (insert sarcasm) which was perfect since it’s in our hallway and is all but wasted space. Not so perfect to take good pictures though. No windows=no natural light=crappy pics. Guess I know where we’ll go if a tornado ever strikes!

4. Use nails to attach the two curtain rods on either side of the door. Be cautious about your door’s thickness. The center panel of our old door is really thin so I couldn’t just nail all the baskets. The four baskets on the center panel are hung with those sticky removable hooks. Not too worried about them falling since they’re not going to hold anything too heavy. The gift bags’ weight did add up so I hung that organizer on the thicker part of the door with nails.

5. Once everything is in place and you’ve waited about an hour for the sticky hooks to cure (Is that the right word? I guess they just need to do what ever they need to do.), you can start organizing all your supplies! I was giddy with excitement. Seriously. No more burning the bottoms of my feet off as I run from the house to the garage for gift wrap!!

6. For the ribbon organizer, I just stuck a dowel rod through one end of the basket, the ribbon spools and out the other end. You could always just throw them in a basket if you can’t find an organizer similar to this.

7. Keep in mind that you can always add a cardboard bottom if you need one of your baskets to hold loose items like pens.

8. Don’t forget a basket for gift cards!


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