Cinnamon Sugared Biscuit Donuts

Cinnamon Sugared Biscuit Donuts - A Tried & True Project

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Growing up, my mother was pretty strict about us not eating a lot of sugar. I didn’t have my first Twinkie until I was in college and to this day I’ve never tried most of the sugared cereals. We weren’t 100% deprived of sugars but it definitely was a once-and-a-while treat. As a kid, it was pretty annoying to be the only one with all natural fruit leathers (instead of the rolled up sort!) but now that I have my own children, I find myself following many of the same practices. We try to limit the kids’ day to day sugar intake but don’t stress out too much about treats for special occasions…like Cinnamon Sugared Biscuit Donuts for the first day of Fall!

Cinnamon Sugared Biscuit Donuts - Cut shapeFor those of you who have not had the distinct pleasure of eating biscuit donuts, all you have to do is grab a tube of store-bought biscuits (I used Pillsbury Grands and was able to split each biscuit in half) and deep fry. How easy is that?! My mom use to cut the centers out to make the donut shape. I went with a leaf shape to celebrate the first day of Autumn. They could have been exact replicas of the Eiffel Tower for all my kids cared. They were much more interested in the yummy goodness of deep fried dough!

Cinnamon Sugared Biscuit Donuts - Deep fry!After you’ve cut out your shapes, just pop those babies in a vat of hot oil (or in my case, a wok with coconut oil) and watch them puff up! Allow to cook on one side for a minute or two before flipping over to cook the other side. Use tongs to remove donuts from oil (allowing as much of the oil to drain off as possible) and place on paper towels (to absorb even more oil!)

Cinnamon Sugared Biscuit Donuts - AssistanceMix 2-3 tablespoons of cinnamon (depending on how much you like cinnamon) with 1 cup of sugar in a small bowl. When the donuts have cooled to the touch, roll around in the sugar mixture to coat. You see that big heaping mess of extra dough left over from the leaf cutouts? We threw that in the oil as well! May not have been as pretty as the leaves but they sure tasted good!

Cinnamon Sugared Biscuit Donuts - Doughy Goodness!My kids absolutely loved these as much as my sisters and I use to! These are by no means healthy and we’re definitely not going to make a habit of eating these everyday but they were so quick and easy to make with my kids. The amount of smiles and laughs we had that day were well worth any nutritional deficiencies!


What about you guys, what are some of your guilty pleasures?



    • Thanks, Keri! The kids couldn’t care less about the shape but my mom and sister loved the presentation (although they kinda reminded me of one of the chairs in Beetlejuice.)

  1. They look awesome! I love all kind of biscuits and cakes.
    Today it is cinnamon bun day in Sweden, this we will celebrate properly!


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