Can-It-Forward Day 2011

Are you all ready for National Can-It-Forward Day 20011? Yeah, me neither. Since I’m a canning novice, I’m hoping to give my new pressure canner a trial run on Sunday. That is, of course, assuming I can find a good source for tomatoes. I was hoping to get them from my neighbor but I just found out their plants are done for the season. Boo. I’m hoping maybe Ardovino’s Farmer’s Market up the street can hook me up and if not, maybe La Union’s U Pick It Farm? Or El Paso Produce?

I am determined not to have to buy aluminum cans of tomato products this year or at the very least, not have to buy as many. One way or another, those tomatoes will be mine! :)

Let me know if you have any tried and true canning tips!


  1. says

    What a great site you have! Found it through pinterest. I am all about canning, and specifically avoiding not eating aluminum canned tomatoes. Love so many of your ideas!

  2. Cindy H says

    Also found you on Pinterest, and am now following your posts. I am somewhat of a canning novice – getting back at it after a several year hiatus. I remember watching my grandmothers can as a child, and I also read the accounts of farmers and scientists talking about not wanting to eat canned tomato products, among other things. So…..I started purchasing tomato products in either paper cartons or glass. I am too late to do anything about the tomatoes this year, just past the season, but will be more prepared for next year. And…..I will look into the Kitchen Aid attachment. That will come in handy for lots of things! Those hand crank things are a pain – especially if you are doing a big job. It is a lot of work, but worth it – and I have a renewed sense of awe about my grandmothers! Keep up the good work – can’t wait to see what you’ll do next!

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