Amazing Activities for Kids – 2013

Check out these amazing activities for kids from great blogs! I’m a mother and a blogger so it makes perfect sense that my Activities for Kids Pinterest board is jammed packed with great ideas from around the blogosphere to entertain my two little boys. Playdough, bubbles, and slime, oh my! Unfortunately, the moments when I need the ideas the most (sick days, rainy days, sensitive days), taking my time and browsing through Pinterest just isn’t an option.

So, I put together a 2013 master list of amazing activities for kids that I have either tried or plan on trying. Ideas I can run to when the boys are bouncing off the wall and I’m counting down the minutes to happy hour (Which, in our house, is 8 o’clock when the kids go to sleep!) Hope you find this list as useful as I do!

Amazing Activities for Kids 3013 - 1 My Color Book, Mr Printables / Marble Maze Painting, Housing A Forest / MLK Jr. Window Art, Tried & True
Alphabet Squish, I Can Teach My Child / Easy Butterfly Feeder, Reading Confetti / Rainbow Bubbles, Fun At Home With Kids

Amazing Activities for Kids 3013 - 2

Tactile Matching Game, Tried & True / Edible Slime, Fun At Home With Kids / Popsticle Stick Chain Reaction, Mom Trusted
Botanical Prints, The DIY Adventures / Rubber Band Maze, Always Expect Moore / Introducing Chess to Young Kids, Tried & True

Amazing Activities for Kids 3013 - 3

Homemade Starburst Paint, Learn Play Imagine / Children’s Play X-Rays, Tried & True / Wonder Dough, Growing A Jeweled Rose
Insect Hotel, Babble Dabble Do / Hexi Cards, Picklebums / Toy Car Tire Painting, Artchoo!


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