Cracker Jack Prize Envelopes

Can’t talk for long, took way too much time converting this file into a free print but I really wanted to share these Cracker Jack prize pockets with you all.  Now you can really make your own Cracker Jack, secret prize and all!

Easy Peasy Instructions:
1. Print out T&T Print and cut out all 5 envelopes.
2. Fold down the center.
3. Apply glue to outside edge of one side (we found glue tape to work the best).
4. Insert prize.
5. Fold shut.
6. Use a rotary perforator to score along tear line.

Easy, right? The only thing we had to be careful with was making sure the prize fit inside the envelope. We had to position the glue tape applicator half off the paper so that we could have a little more room inside the envelope.

Hope you enjoy!


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Vanessa Brady is a craft blogger, mother of two boys, and a hot sauce junkie. She's been running Tried & True for over 7 years and her tutorials have been featured in numerous craft books and publications.


  1. what a great idea. I’m making Cracker Jack boxes as a favor for a birthday party and am wondering if you have any suggestions for prizes. It’s an adults party.


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