Washi Tape Hair Pins

Washi Tape Hair Pins - A Tried & True Project

I’ve been waiting for a long time to cut my hair and I finally did it on Friday! (Check out my new do on the Tried & True Instagram feed) It was really fun being able to play and braid long hair but I found myself becoming so attached to it. Am I the only one that feels about their long hair like that?! It becomes a sort of security blanket that even if nothing else is right in the world, at least I have this beautiful long hair to fall back on. So silly, I know!

Once I got over the initial shock of cutting my hair so short, I was thrilled to know that the years of growing it out would go to a much better cause than my ego. I highly suggest you check out Locks Of Love if you’re interested in donating your hair!

So, in honor of totally chopping off my hair this weekend, I thought it would be appropriate to share this tutorial for Washi Tape Hair Pins that I originally wrote for Crafts Unleashed. Perfect for a tween or teen (or a grown woman who likes fun hair accessories like myself!), these fun and bright hair pins seriously come together in a matter of minutes and are sure to delight!… 

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50 Flower Projects You Will Love - from Tried & True and friends!

50 Flower Projects You Will Love!

What is it about the power of flowers to brighten any mood? I had a really bad day yesterday. You know, the kind of day that makes you want to just sit in a parking lot and cry. And cry. And cry. But eventually, you realize you’ve got to, literally and figuratively, move on so… 

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"Now We Have Everything" Nursery Art - A Tried & True Project

“Now We Have Everything” Nursery Art

There is  nothing in this world that exemplifies “Spring” quite so much as a fresh new baby! I made this “Everything” Nursery Art at the request of my cousin for her beautiful new baby girl and thought all my fellow machine cutters might want to the free SVG and Studio files to make your own…. 

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Decorating Easter Eggs with Flocking - A Tried & True Project

Decorating Easter Eggs with Flocking Powders

Have you guys ever worked with flocking powders before? They are so much fun and perfect for decorating Easter eggs with! In case you don’t know (because I had no idea what they were either!), flocking is a soft, velvet-y powder that you can use to accent your crafts with. If you can remember those… 

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Tried & True's Teeny Tiny Craft Room Tour

Teeny-Tiny Craft Room Tour

You know those craft room tours where these amazing bloggers have, what seems like, entire floors of their homes devoted to crafting? Yeah, those make me jealous too. ;) Instead, I present you…Tried & True’s Teeny Tiny Craft Room Tour! (Or How to Craft in Your Pantry and Not Gain 20 lbs.)


Spring $1100 Cash Giveaway

Depending on where you live,  you’re either glad or REALLY REALLY REALLY glad it’s Spring! To celebrate the end of a really tough winter for most of you, I thought it would be fun to have a T.G.I.S. (Thank Goodness It’s Spring!) $1100 Cash Giveaway. What would you do with more than a $1000 grand?… 

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