Travel Picnic Blanket

Travel Picnic Blanket - An easy-to-make water resistant picnic blanket! A friend asked me the other day what I do with all the projects and printables I make. Honestly? I try to give them away or disassemble them for parts. Sometimes I just throw them away. I know that sounds kinda terrible but I live in a small house (as I mentioned in my Teeny Tiny Craft Room tour) and only have so much storage room for unnecessary things. That’s not to say my projects wouldn’t be helpful to someone else but for me, at this point in my life, I just don’t need some of them.

Travel Picnic Blanket - Ready for a picnic! Not so with this Travel Picnic Blanket! I totally need this and there’s no way I’m giving it away. Interestingly enough, this project falls under the “Not-Going-To-Buy-One-Because-I-Can-Make-It” category which turns out to have a subcategory called “Should-Have-Just-Bought-One-Because-It’s-Taking-Years-To-Make.” But finally I have one and it’s wonderfully useful and cute all at the same time!… 

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Natural Playgound Treasure Keeper - The perfect place to store all those natural treasures your kids find!

Natural Playground Treasure Keeper

    One of the things people don’t prepare you for when you’re the mother of boys is the insane amount of sticks, rocks, and feathers they’ll collect over the span of their childhood. Seriously. Not a day goes by that one of my boys doesn’t pick up an outside object and comment on it’s perfection…. 

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Bath Bomb Easy Birthday Gifts - A super easy gift to make and give!

Bath Bomb Easy Birthday Gifts

When my sisters and I were growing up, we didn’t just celebrate our birthday on one day, we had an entire week of little festivities that truly made each one of us feel special. Very rarely did we receive actual gifts during the week (a small candy or toy, maybe), raising three active girls can… 

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DIY Butterfly Necklace - Perfect addition to your Summer wardrobe!

DIY Butterfly Necklace & Giveaway

When Linda of Craftaholics Anonymous asked if I wanted to participate in a Silhouette Summer Challenge well, how could I say “no?” I love a good crafty adventure and I’m crazy about all things Silhouette! We were sent an awesome box of random Silhouette materials, told we had to make something within the “Summer” theme,… 

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Embroidered Custom Canvas Print - Add a personal touch to your beautiful prints!

Embroidered Custom Canvas Prints

This post was inspired and sponsored by Tiny Prints. Like most other mothers, I take an insane amount of pictures of my kids. This year, I’m really trying hard to not just take pictures but to print them out too. Thank goodness Tiny Prints came to the rescue! From stationary to mugs, photo books to… 

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Chayote Guacamole Plantain Cups - The perfect appetizer!

Chayote Guacamole Plantain Cups

This is a sponsored campaign with Mums the Word Network and World Market . All opinions are my own. Is your house crazy about the World Cup right now? We are by far not the biggest fans of watching sports but it’s hard not to be swept up by the soccer frenzy right now! Six… 

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